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2011 Short Fiction Round-Up

2011 was a great year for me professionally, with a number of short fiction publications. I am presently drafting a post regarding more recent developments, but until then here is a round-up of my notable short stories for the past year.

Adultery, homicide and bunny rabbits ... "Filling the Hat" (Whispers in the Dark, January 2011)
What if the aliens are more decent than us? ... "A Better Offer" (AE, Spring 2011)
Boyfriends never stuck around long ... "Doorways" (Eric's Hysterics, April 2011)
Capone, tommy-guns and demons ... "Soul of the City" (Crossed Genres, Spring 2011)
In which I predict the Occupy movement ... "In Committee" (Eric's Hysterics, Spring 2011)
Fun with pharmacology! ... "Still Life With Unicorn" (Dark Valentine, Summer 2011)
Love and (inter-planetary) exile ..."Home" (Fiction 365, June 2011)
Aliens for Christmas ..? "Winter Tale": (CBC, December 2011)